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SCAPEGOAT: Architecture | Landscape | Political Economy is an independent, not-for-profit, bi-annual journal designed to create a context for research and development regarding design practice, historical investigation, and theoretical inquiry.

The journal examines the relationship between capitalism and the built environment, confronting the coercive and violent organization of space, the exploitation of labour and resources, and the unequal distribution of environmental risks and benefits. Throughout our investigation of design and its promises, we return to the politics of making as a politics to be constructed.

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10: Night


Sophie HAMACHER, On the Night Bus

Pohanna Pyne FEINBERG, Review of Night Walking by Matthew BEAUMONT

Marie-Paul MACDONALD, Trajectories and Territories: Hendrix Soundscapes

Christian DIMMER, Erez Golani SOLOMON, and Brian MORRIS, 1am-5am: Tokyo Urban Rhythms and the Politics of Train Schedules

Ersela KRIPPA and Stephen MUELLER, AGENCY, The COver of Daylight: Negotiating Transnational Infrastructures on the U.S.-Mexico Border

Anna DIETZSCH, for CoLaboratorio, An Intro to a Night Manifesto

Lucía Jalón OYARZUN, Night as Commons: Minor Architecture and Dayfaring Citizens

Kurt KRALER, Moulin Rouge Las Vegas: Nightlife Architecture and the Struggle for Civil Rights

DJ ZHAO, Dance Dance Revolution

Ming LIN and Will DAVIS, Shadowplay

Cristina JORGE, Night for Day: From UV Flooding to IR Drought

Magnus ERIKSSON and Geraldine JUÁREZ, The Biopolitics of Melanopic Illuminance

Rui LIM, Latitude of Darkness

Rita LEISTNER, Khalil (Hebron) at Night

Eleonora DIAMANTI, The Parabola of Italian Discotheques: Between Radical Architecture and Spaghetti Dance

Curt GAMBETTA, Light Space

Xenia BENIVOLSKI, Night Gallery

Peter Lamborn WILSON, Dark House: Nocturnal Architecture in the Art of Leonora Carrington

An Interview with Philippe RAHM

Catie Newell, Cover the Flame

Text By Jasmine PISAPIA, Images By Malena SZLAM, Through the Keyhole: (Photographic) Desire and Astronomical Imagination

Natalie JACHYRA, Presence

Marcin KEDZIOR, More Blinding than the Night

Will STRAW, Dossier: German Nights

Josiane Meier and Dietrich HENCKEL, Urban Lightprints: All but Static

Jokob F. SCHMID, Stadtnachacht: Mapping German Nightlife

Sheraz KHAN and Christine PREISER, 168 Hours Berlin - Friedrichshain: A Spatiotemporal Analysis

SPARROW, Night Poems


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09: Eros


An interview with Franco BERARDI, On Eros, Communication, Desire and Semiocapitalism

Peter LAMBORN WILSON, Eros and Thanatopia

Marcus BOON interviews Alphonso LINGIS, On The Bowerbird, The Difunta Correa and Some Architectures of Sense

Justin Abraham LINDS, Becoming Microbial

David K SEITZ, Review of Sex or the Unbearable

Eunsong KIM, Found, Found, Found: Lived, Lived, Lived

Cameron HU, And Impulse that Keeps Returning, A Conversation with Basel ABBAS and Ruanne Abou RAHME

Space-Espace-Escape: An Interview with Anne TROUTMAN

The Spatial Politics of Ultratranslation, A Conversation with Jen HOFER

ANTENA, Manifesto for Ultratranslation

Jacob WREN, A Spell for Togethering Can or Cannot be Written with Words

Adam SZYMANSKI, Immanent to Exclusion, A Review of Love in the Time of Civil War by Rodrigue JEAN

Interview with Laura BROADBENT, THe Body is My Mysterious Concept: Three Questions With Lisa Robertson

Sudhatri MURTHY, The Excavation, The Stair and The Bed

Alberto PEREZ-GOMEZ, Villa Mairea

Sherry WALCHUK, Desire in the RV-Pool

Alexis BHAGAT, Love Has Nested in Colette's Apartment

Douglas KEARNEY, The Grunt

Maiko TANAKA, From Love Letters

Angela RAWLINGS, Five Meditations on Desire and Loss Near Glacial Moraines

Chrysanne STATHACOS, Delphi, The Womb of the Eurotic World

Valerie MANNAERTS, Artworks

Irmgaard EMMELHAINZ, Your Love is Only the Beginning of Love: An Experimental Multilogue

Maria COLLIER DE MENDONCA, Izabel AMARAL and Fabio MOSANER, #Occupy Estelita: Postcards from Recife, Brazil

Nathan FRIEDMAN, DIagram of the Amorous Search: Generating Desire with Guiraudie's L'Inconnu du Lac

The Pleasure of Diving in Public Spaces: The Experimental Urban Swimming Laboratory

Alexis MITCHELL, Bunk Buddies, Sexing the Summer Camp

Robert PIETRUSKO, 812990: The Industrial Capacity of the Passions

Sardar SAADI, Review of New World Academy Reader #5: Stateless Democracy

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07: Incarceration

TOC & Introduction

Liat BEN-MOSHE, Deinstitutionalization: A Case Study in Carceral Abolition

Raphael SPERRY, Architecture, Activism, and Abolition: From Prison Design Boycott to ADPSR's Human Rights Campaign

Jenna M. LOYD, Ricochets of Empire

Magdalena MILOSZ, Ghosts of Prisons Past: A Prehistory of the Toronto South Detention Centre

William ORR, Generic

Matthew FERGUSON, Elizabeth LAY, Justin PICHÉ, Kevin WALBY, The Cultural Work of Decommissioned Carceral Sites: Representations of Confinement and Punishment at Kingston Penitentiary

Chris ALTON, Pop-Up Lock Down

Lynne HORIUCHI, Dislocations and Relocations: Designing for Prison Cities

Lisbet PORTMAN, Change of Scenery: The Architectural Reach of Electronic Monitoring

FUCKLAWS Collective, Agit-Prop Against HIV Criminalization

Eileen WENNEKERS, Towards an Architectural Explosion of the Oubliette

Tings CHAK, Undocumented: The Architecture of Migrant Detention

FATS, George FRISON, William JONES, Erica R. MEINERS, James PIGGUES, Sarah ROSS, Johnny TAYLOR, Devon TERRELL, Fereshteh TOOSI, Alan WHITE, Due Time

Testimonials from Inside

Peter COLLINS, The Pathology of Rehabilitation

Derrick QUINTERO, Letter to the ACLU & If My Journey Was A Book Title

Harold W. NICHOLS, Prison Outside the Box

Ojore LUTALO, Untitled

Joseph DOLE, Rethinking Illinois' Truth-In-Sentencing Law & The Chicago Police Department : At the Pinnacle of Police Corruption and a Menace to Society

A Roundtable Conversation with Lifers

Margarita OSIPIAN, Illuminating the Margins: Engaging with the Carceral Image within an Abolitionist Framework

Josh MACPHEE, Mass Incarceration and the Book Cover

Irmgard EMMELHAINZ, Capadocia: The Place Where Women are Buried Alive/Without Forgiveness

Bios and Colophon, and Books taken from cell of George Jackson

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06: Mexico DF/NAFTA

Table of Contents and Editorial Note

Eduardo ABAROA, Notes to a Project: total Destruction of the Anthropology Museum

Paola AGUIRRE, Water Infrastructure Beyond Borders: The Rio Grande-Bravo

Carolina ALBA and Javier TOSCANO, The Populist City

Livia CORONA BENJAMIN, From the Series Two Million Homes for Mexico (2006-present)

Pilar CALVEIRO, Mexico City Modern: A Review Essay

Sarah COWLES and Alan SMART, Borderland: A Line Constructs the Landscape

Raymond B. CRAIB, Mexico City Modern: A Review Essay

Yutsil CRUZ and Alfonso HERNANDEZ, The Obstinacy of Tepito

Diane E. DAVIS, Competing Globalizations in Mexico City's Historic Centre

Carolyn DEUSCHLE and Lauren ELACHI, Landrace: Zea Mays and the NAFTA Landscape

Irmgard EMMELHAINZ, The Mexican Neoliberal Conversion: Differentiated, Homogenous LIves

Layla EMMELHAINZ, Kids in Puddles: Luis Barragáns Egerstrom Stables

Rodrigo ESCANDON CESARMAN, José Esparza CHONG CUY, Guillermo GONZALEZ CEBALLOS, and Tania OSORIO HARP, Furniture for Public Use

Daniela GIL ESTEVA, Geo-Subjective Visions

Silvia GRUNER, I Want it to Stay / I Want it to Go 1 2

Isadora HASTINGS and Gerson HUERTA GARCIA, Habitability: Cooperación Comunitaria

Carla HERRERA-PRATS, Remesas: Sending Money Back

Dawn HOOGEVEEN, Intimate Geographies of NAFTA and Canadian Mining in Mexico

Gustavo LIPKAU and Fabiola TORRES PACHECO, Mexico City 1994-2014: Political Economy and Infrastructure

Lara NEILSEN, The Time After NAFTA: DF's Border Time (And the Other) in Post Tenebras Lux

Sergey PIGACH, An Urban Mutagen

Silvia RIBEIRO, The Agroindustrial Food Chain: Global Warming, Food Crisis and Transgenic Corn

Ivonne SANTOYO-OROZCO, The Apparatus of Ownership

Will STRAW, Pulling Back From Apocalypse

Sayak VALENCIA, NAFTA: Capitalismo Gore and the Femicide Machine

Miguel VENTURA, Something About Coatlicue

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05: Excess

Editorial Note and Table of Contents

Prachi KAMDAR, Political Typography Manifesto

Stuart KENDALL, Toward General Economy

Georges BATAILLE, The Economy Equal to the Universe, translated by Stuart KENDALL

Martti KALLIALA, Diagrams, Comfort, and the General Economy

Jean BAUDRILLARD, When Bataille Attacked the Metaphysical Principle of the Economy, translated by Stuart KENDALL

ÉPOPÉE, “Nous la forêt”— An Interview on the Québec Student Uprising

Sam LEACH, From the Dataset of the Multiverse

Diana BERESFORD-KROEGER in Conversation with Kika THORNE, Quantum Violin

Lisa HIRMER, The Spit

Natasha GINWALA and Vivian ZIHERL, Landings: On Sounding the Earth

Vicki DASILVA, Three Works

Erin SCHNEIDER, Terra Vivos, or, the Reinforced Luxury of Post-apocalyptic Dwelling

Danielle MCDONOUGH, Nitrogen, Addiction, and the Unlikely Relatively of Explosions

Filipe MAGALHÃES and Ana Luisa SOARES (Fala Atelier), The Future That Never Happened

Thomas PROVOST, In Infinity, Eternity Performs

Eyal WEIZMAN in Conversation with Heather DAVIS, Proportionality, Violence & the Economy of Calculations, with Dronestagram excerpts by James BRIDLE

Ariella AZOULAY, Architecture of Destruction, Dispossession & Appropriation

Amanda DE LISIO, Event Urbanism and the Politics of Enthusiasm, with photography by Jon PACK and Gary HUSTWIT (Olympic City Project)

Abidin KUSNO in Conversation with Meredith MILLER & Etienne TURPIN, Urban Temporalities: Jakarta after the New Order, with photography by David HUTAMA

Jennifer JACQUET, Shame Totem 2.0/2.1

Srimoyee MITRA, On Border Cultures

Jeffrey MONAGHAN & Kevin WALBY, New Camelot: The Unbearable Lightness of Canada’s Twenty-First-Century Security Architecture

A Cooperation between HEBBEL AM UFER & RAUMLABORBERLIN, The World is Not Fair: The Great World’s Fair 2012

John Paul RICCO, Drool: Liquid Fore-speech of the Fore-scene, with images by pHgH

Anna-Sophie SPRINGER, The Museum as Archipelago

An Interview with Sylvère LOTRINGER, Extrapolations on Deleuze, Groups, and Power

Stanislaw LEM, Less Predictable Realities, translated by Joanna ZYLINSKA

A Correspondence Between Rick PRELINGER and Sara DEAN, Considered Non-completion

Justin LANGLOIS and Hiba ABDALLAH, On Fields of Practice that Make the World

Keith PEIFFER, Mass Intimacy: Design by and for Dividuals

A Conversation with Chris KRAUS, Prison America: On Summer of Hate

Seth DENIZEN, Obituary for a Psychiatric Center and its Shopping Mall

Richard PELL in Conversation with Emily KUTIL, Welcome to the Center for PostNatural History

Antonio STOPPANI, The Anthropozoic Era: Excerpts from Corso di Geologia, translated by Valeria FEDERIGHI, with photography by Alex BERCEANU

Jason YOUNG, See Dick Hunt. Hunt Dick Hunt.

Melissa CATE CHRIST, This Garden of the Sun: A Report on Almería’s Miracle Economy

Emily VANDERPOL, Xenotransplantations of the [In]Animate: A Speculative Dissection

A Correspondence with Eugene THACKER, The Sight of a Mangled Corpse

Kate HUTCHENS, A Monument to Satan: Menz’s Teufel

Raphael SPERRY in Conversation with Tings CHAK, Alternatives to Incarceration

Kids on Buildings: EMIL reviews Zaha Hadid’s Eli & Edythe Broad Art Museum

Scott SØRLI reviews Infrastructure Critical: Sacrifice at Toronto’s G8/G20 Summit by Alessandra RENZI & Greg ELMER

Clint LANGEVIN reviews Carbon Democracy by Timothy Mitchell

Maria TAYLOR reviews Imagine No Possessions: The Socialist Objects of Russian Constructivism by Christina Kiaer

Steven CHODORIWSKY reviews Kish, an Island Indecisive by Design by Nasrin Tabatabai & Babak Afrassiabi

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04: Currency

Editorial Note and Table of Contents

Brett NEILSON & Sandro MEZZADRA, Fabrica Mundi: Producing the World by Drawing Borders

Emily GILBERT, Currency in Crisis

Keith HART, Why the Euro Crisis Matters to Us All

Emilio MORENO, Other Issues: Currency Delimiting Sovereignty

Peter NORTH, Money as Anticapitalist Praxis

Georgios PAPADOPOULOS & Jack Henrie FISHER, Grexit: Notes towards a Speculative Archaeology of the European Crisis

Rob KOVITZ, Capital of the World

Robert FISHMAN, Foreclosure and the American City

Abbas AKHAVAN, Islands

Srdjan LONCAR, The Fine Art of Repair in New Orleans

Marcelo VIETA, Recuperating a Workplace, Creating a Community Space: The Story of Cooperativa Chilavert Artes Gráficas

Emanuele BRAGA, Messages of Rupture: On the MACAO Occupation in Milan, translated by Roberta BUIANI

ExRotaprint, There is No Profit to be Made Here!

Peter MÖRTENBÖCK & Helge MOOSHAMMER, Informal Market Worlds: Instruments of Change

Steven CHODORIWSKY, From the needle and thread, all the way up to the hat

Matthieu BAIN & Andrew PERKINS, Rust Belt Vernacular: Harvesting Unnatural Resources

AbdouMaliq SIMONE, Water, Politics and Design in Jakarta

Claire PENTECOST, Notes from Underground

Rosten WOO, Big Pictures

Jordan GEIGER, Maximal Surface Tension: Very Large Organizations and Their Apotheosis in Songdo

Ricardo DOMINGUEZ interviewed by Alessandra RENZI, On the Currency of Somatic Architectures of Exchange

Paige SARLIN, Vulnerable Accumulation: A Practical Guide

Suriya UMPANSIRIRATANA interviewed by Adam SMITH, Bangkok to Chonburi, translated by Ajahn KENG

Robert ADAMS, Making a Scene: A Vivid Genealogy of the Asclepius Machine

Brendan BAYLOR & Heath SCHULTZ review The Art of Not Being Governed

FAKE INDUSTRIES review the 2012 Venice Biennale of Architecture

Alan ANTLIFF reviews Commerce by Artists

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